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(7) – Cessna 172P


Number of engines: 1
Engine Manufacturer: Avco Lycoming
Engine Model Number: O-320- D2J
Engine Type: Normally aspirated, direct-drive, air-cooled, horizontally opposed, carburetor equipped, four-cylinder engine with 319.8 displacement
Horsepower Rating and Engine Speed: 160 rated HP at 2700 RPM


Propeller Manufacturer: McCauley Accessory Division
Propeller Model Number: 1C160/DTM7557
Number of Blades: 2
Propeller Diameter Maximum: 75 inches, Minimum: 74 inches


Approved Fuel Grades: 100LL Grade Aviation Fuel (Blue),
100 (Formerly 100/130) Grade Aviation Fuel (Green)
Fuel Standard Capacity Tanks: Total Capacity: 43 gallons, Total Capacity Each Tank: 21.5 gallons, Tatoal Usable: 40 gallons.
Fuel Long Range Capacity Tanks: Total Capacity: 54 gallons Total Capacity Each Tank: 27 gallons, Tatoal Usable: 50 gallons.
Fuel Integral Capacity Tanks Total Capacity: 68 gallons Total Capacity Each Tank: 24 gallons, Tatoal Usable: 62 gallons.


Velocidade: Maximum at sea level: 123 Knots, Cruise, 75% power at 8000 ft: 120 Knots
Razão de subida: 700 FPM
Service Ceiling: 13000 FT
Takeoff Performance: Ground Roll: 890 FT, Total Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle: 1625FT
Landing Performance (KCAS): Ground Roll: 540 FT, Total Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle: 1280 FT
Stall Speesds (KCAS): Flaps Up, Power Off: 51 Knots, Flaps Down and Power Off: 46 Knots
Maximum Weight: Ramp: 2407 LBS, Takeoff or Landing: 2400 LBS
Standard Empty Weight: Skyhawk: 1414 LBS, Skyhawk II: 1440 LBS
Maximum Useful Load: Skyhawk: 993 LBS, Skyhawk II: 967 LBS
Baggage Allowance: Pounds/Sq Ft: 13.8
Fuel Standard Capacity Tanks: 43 GAL
Fuel Long Range Capacity Tanks: 54 GAL
Fuel Integral Capacity Tanks: 68 GAL
PROPELLER: Fixed Pitch, Diameter: 75 IN


75% power at 8000 ft: 440 NM
40 gallons usable fuel: 3.8 HRS
75% power at 8000 ft: 585 NM
50 gallons usable fuel: 5.0 HRS
75% power at 8000 ft: 755 NM
62 gallons usable fuel: 6.4 HRS
Maximum Range at 10000 ft: 520 NM
40 gallons usable fuel: 5.6 HRS
Maximum Range at 10000 ft: 680 NM
50 gallons usable fuel: 7.4 HRS
Maximum Range at 10000 ft: 875 NM
62 gallons usable fuel: 9.4 HRS
*Recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance for engine start, takeoff, climb and 45 minutes reserve

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